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New England Forestry Foundation

New England’s forests are at the heart of the region’s way of life. Through land conservation, Exemplary Forestry, and our powerful, forest-based 30 Percent Climate Solution, we can together ensure future generations enjoy a beautiful and thriving New England.

Michael Perlman
Solving the Climate Crisis

30 Percent Climate Solution

By combining four forest-based climate solutions, NEFF can provide nearly one-third of the CO2 emissions reductions New England needs in the next 30 years.

New England Forestry Foundation
Michael Perlman
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Thousands of NEFF Acres to Explore

NEFF owns and manages 150 Community Forests totaling 38,000 acres, and they are open daily and free to visit. Use our mapping tool to get directions, find recreational opportunities and more.
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Discover Ways to Support Our Work

From making a legacy gift to joining the innovative Pooled Timber Income Fund, there are many interesting ways to support NEFF.

New England Forestry Foundation