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If you want to be a part of the Forest-to-Cities Climate Challenge, your first step is taking the pledge. By signing the challenge pledge, participants demonstrate their support for mass timber and commit to working with NEFF and other participants to get tall wood buildings built in our region. Leveraging its regional partnerships and expertise in climate and forest science, NEFF organizes through the Forest-to-Cities Climate Challenge a network of collaboration and information sharing, and assists partners in making meaningful progress for mass timber.

Challenge participants can each take a variety of individual and collective approaches to advance mass timber. NEFF is committed to supporting partners in their efforts through direct collaboration and by leveraging the network of Forests-to-Cities Climate Challenge participants. Here’s how you can put this vision into action in your work:


Landowners and foresters can implement the principles of NEFF’s Exemplary Forestry standards on the lands they manage. Forestry and harvesting practices have a crucial influence on the overall carbon benefits associated with a mass timber product. Those who practice responsible, climate-smart management maximize the positive effect that mass timber has for climate change mitigation.


Architects, engineers, and builders can share information to develop greater familiarity with mass timber projects and the practical concerns involved in building with engineered wood products. At this relatively early stage of the technology’s application, overcoming technical understanding and lessons learned will help to facilitate mass timber use.


Urban community members, planners, and policymakers can make mass timber housing a part of their social and environmental vision. Procurement policies and incentives for tall wood construction can help to stimulate use, raising urban quality of life and sustainability. Especially when coupled with affordability guarantees and proximity to public transportation resources, mass timber can contribute to a more livable, equitable city.

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Build It With Wood

A sibling initiative to NEFF’s Forest-to-Cities Climate Challenge, Build It With Wood and its standalone website provide in-depth resources for experts like construction firms and forestland owners. Members of the general public are also encouraged to explore the website, and to help us build a climate-secure future with wood.