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Hunting Regulations

Please note that any permission to hunt on NEFF woodlands is subject to the following conditions:

  • Hunter must follow all state and local laws.
  • Hunter must follow NEFF’s recreational and hunting guidelines as listed on its website.
  • Hunter may not shoot across established walking trails.
  • Hunter may use only temporary tree stands that do not require the use of nails, screws, or screw-in steps.
  • Stands must be labeled with the hunter’s name and contact information.
  • Stands may be placed on NEFF property one month prior to opening day and must be removed within one month of the end of hunting season.
  • Any stands on NEFF property outside of that timeframe may be removed by NEFF staff.
  • Target shooting is prohibited on all NEFF properties.
  • Game camera use is prohibited.
Hunting Zones

New England Forestry Foundation is happy to allow hunting on the majority of our woodlands; however, some forests do have restrictions. Please note these restrictions below. If a forest does not appear on one of these lists, it is safe to assume that hunting is permitted consistent with state and local laws.

In Connecticut, landowner permission prior to hunting on private land is required by state law. In Massachusetts, some local town regulations require written permission from the landowner. It is the hunter’s responsibility to understand and abide by these regulations, as NEFF does not keep track of which towns require this permission and which ones do not.

No Hunting
Forest Name Acres Town State
Arms Acres 100 Blandford MA
Arnold Family Forest 95 Freeport (hunting is permitted on the Blair Addition) ME
Chamberlain Reynolds Memorial Forest 150 Center Harbor NH
Chase-Kimball Memorial Forest 167 Pomfret CT
Christian Stroop Memorial Forest 75 Grafton NH
Dorothy Frances Rice Sanctuary 276 Peru MA
Edminster Memorial Forest 105 Freetown MA
Garnache-Morrison Memorial Forest 140 Stowe VT
Groton Place 54 Groton MA
Hagar Woods & Donald Hagar Forest 68 Marshfield MA
Little Sunapee Associates Forest 136 New London NH
Mumford Wildlife Forest 33 Natick MA
Nadeau Forest 78 Mont Vernon NH

Bow-hunting Only

Forest Name Acres Town State
Bliss Woods 86 Freeport ME
Baddacook Woods 15 Groton MA
Park of Two Georges 24 Harvard MA
Patten Forest 48 Walpole MA
Phoebe R. Keyes Woods 57 Groton MA
Prouty Woods Community Forest 107 Littleton MA
Sabine Woods (adjacent to Groton Place) 146 Groton MA
Winslow Warren Memorial Forest 20 Walpole MA

Hunting FAQs

What Properties Are Open To Hunting?

All restrictions are noted on the hunting zone charts above. Please note that Connecticut state law requires hunters to have written permission from the landowner prior to hunting on private land. In Massachusetts, some towns, particularly in the eastern part of the state, require landowner permission prior to hunting. If you are uncertain if a town requires such permission, visit the Town Clerk’s office and ask for any relevant bylaws relating to hunting (or shooting). It is the hunter’s responsibility to know and understand these bylaws, as NEFF does not track each town’s specific regulations.

What Do I Need To Do To Hunt On NEFF Land?

If you know the forest you plan to hunt is located in a town requiring landowner permission, you will need to contact our Stewardship Manager prior to hunting. If you are hunting on a property not in Connecticut or not in a town requiring landowner permission, there is nothing that you need to do.

Do I Need To Be A Donor or Member To Hunt On NEFF Land?

We do not require that hunters donate to NEFF in order to hunt in our woodlands, and we do not have a membership program. However, your support is always appreciated, as every dollar we receive helps us manage and maintain these properties for future generations.

Are Tree Stands Permitted On Your Properties?

We permit only modern tree stands, which are not nailed or spiked to trees. Because we actively manage our forests for many resources, including timber, we cannot allow any stands that may damage trees or put loggers in harm’s way if equipment were to hit residual metal. Please note that stands must be labeled clearly, with the name and contact information of the hunter. Stands may be placed on NEFF property one month prior to opening day and they must be removed within one month of the close of hunting season (see permission above).

Which Species Can I Hunt? Are There Any Restrictions?

Currently, there are no species restrictions on our properties.

Which NEFF Forests Are Closest To Me?

To locate a NEFF forest near you, visit the Trail Maps page. Currently, you can search our interactive map by state to find the closest or most appropriate fit for your interests, or simply zoom in on your desired location.

Where Can I Find Forest Maps?

PDF maps for each NEFF forest can be found on the Trail Maps page.

What Should I Do If I Plant To Hike Your Forests During Hunting Season?

Our forests are not closed during hunting seasons. If you plan to enjoy the forest for other recreational purposes, you may wish to wear bright colors to make yourself visible. Hunters typically are responsible people, and will do everything possible to maintain the highest level of safety in the woods. If you are concerned, you may wish to seek out a NEFF forest that does not allow hunting, or one that allows hunting only during restricted seasons.