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Climate Initiatives

Common Ground High School is built with mass timber. Gray Organschi Architecture

What Can Forests Accomplish for the Climate?

Ten years ago, New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF) started to investigate the role forestry and sustainable wood products could play in the fight against climate change when paired with forest conservation, and after much research and modeling, we’ve developed an approach called the 30 Percent Solution.

By combining four forest-based climate solutions at a regional scale, NEFF can provide nearly one-third of the reduction in energy-related CO2 emissions—meaning, emissions from fossil-fuel combustion—New England needs by 2050 while also benefiting wildlife and biodiversity.

All of NEFF’s initiatives have a part to play in the 30 Percent Solution and in creating a climate-secure future.

New England Forestry Foundation
Climate Initiatives

30 Percent Solution

NEFF’s 30 Percent Solution could keep more than 646 million metric tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere over the next 30 years. That’s big! Of its four forest-based climate solutions, most of the savings come from spreading the practice of NEFF’s Exemplary Forestry. Preventing forest loss, replacing carbon-intensive steel and concrete, and storing carbon in urban wood buildings also have plenty to offer.

New England Forestry Foundation

A New England Forestry Foundation Climate Initiative

Build It With Wood

A sibling initiative to NEFF’s Forest-to-Cities Climate Challenge, Build It With Wood and its standalone website provide in-depth resources for experts like construction firms and forestland owners. Members of the general public are also encouraged to explore the website, and to help us build a climate-secure future with wood.