Conserving Forests For Future Generations


New England’s forests are at the heart of the region’s way of life.


About New England Forestry Foundation

A hike through a New Hampshire forest in the fall, a Vermont barn made from locally milled trees, and the clear, clean waters of a Maine river—these are just a few of the many gifts that New England’s forests offer. Across the region, forests provide timber for construction, local jobs, wildlife habitat, clean air and water, and recreational opportunities. These benefits support a vibrant and thriving region, and New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF) works to protect them for future generations.


Conserving forests for future generations.


A dedicated team and remarkable volunteers give NEFF an outsized impact.


We are committed to sound fiscal management, accountability and transparency.

Finding a Better Way.

Prior to 1944, when New England Forestry Foundation was founded, woodlands were cut without thinking about the future of the forest. NEFF’s founders led by example, showing that wood can be harvested while protecting the health of a forest.