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The Olver Design Building. Photo by UMass, Amherst

Forest-to-Cities Climate Challenge


Meet the Climate Challenge Participants

We’ve broken the mass timber value chain into three broad segments that also serve as our vision for the Forest-to-Cities Climate Challenge: Grow, Build, and Live. Mass timber stakeholders usually fit in one of these segments. “Live,” for example, includes the environmental and housing advocates who can call for change in how we design the built environment, as well as the people who will live and work in tall wood buildings.

Currently, 124 individuals and business have signed the Forest-to-Cities Pledge. Take a look at the participants below and read why this program matters to them.

David Foster

Harvard Forest, Harvard University

“I support this effort in order to increase recognition of the value of forests—both wildlands and woodlands—and to keep them intact across New England.”

Richard G. Carbonetti

Senior VP Timberland | LandVest, Inc.

“As a professional forester I, and our company, recognize the importance of forestry and the use of sustainably managed forest to produce forest products that will contribute to building resilience to climate change.”

David L. Kent

Consulting Forester, Vice President | New England Forestry Consultants, Inc.

“This effort will be a significant climate change mitigation program if it is implemented across the forested landscape. We must begin to apply meaningful changes to “business as usual.” This approach has the potential to do just that.”

Peter Wiederspahn

“We are facing a climate crisis, and the building industries contributes a disproportionately large amount of carbon into the atmosphere when producing, operating, and demolishing buildings. Mass timber construction types are the best alternative to current building practices since wood can actually capture carbon from the atmosphere and contain it in the form of building materials. Wood is renewable, regenerative, recyclable, and eminently endearing.”

Peggi Clouston

Professor of Wood Mechanics and Timber Engineering | University of Massachusetts, Amherst

“Building with wood, especially local wood, is a smart and clear way to mitigate climate change. I am joining the challenge because I want to lend my 30+ years of engineering, researching and teaching wood structures, to affect change in a way that it really counts.”

Rick Weyerhaeuser

Senior Natural Resource Strategist | Sonen Capital

“Climate is the key issue of our generation. Natural solutions are the low hanging fruit. Forests are the most cost effective way to make progress in the short-term.”

Marianne Jorgensen

“Our dependency on concrete and steel to build homes and offices, stadiums, etc., has a large environmental cost—concrete is responsible for 4-8% of the world’s carbon emissions, 85% of mining emissions globally. Building with wood from sustainably managed forests could mitigate carbon emissions—wood stores carbon.”

Baskahegan Company

John Manganello, President & CEO |

Alfandre Architecture

Rick Alfandre, President, AIA, LEED AP BD+C |

Consigli Construction Co., Inc.

Matthew E. Tonello, P.E., Project Executive |

Dirigo Building Service Engineers

Ron Rideout, Principal Engineer |

Ferrucci & Walicki, LLC

Eric Hansen |

Forest Stewards Guild

Alexander Evans, Executive Director |

Highstead Foundation

Geordie Elkins, Operations Director |

Hull Forestlands Maine LLC

William B. Hull |

Local Wood WORKS

Lee Burnett, Project Director |

Massachusetts Forest Alliance

Christopher Egan, Executive Director |

Maine Mountain Collaborative

Bryan Wentzell, Executive Director |

Niles Bolton Associates

Edwin R. Kimsey, Jr., President |

Sonen Capital

Rick Weyerhaeuser, Senior Natural Resource Strategist |

Wilhelm Farm

William Bentley and Ann Wilhelm, Co-Owners |

Robert W. Ackerman

Timber Owners of New England, Inc.; (NEFF Board)

David Adler

Architect, Gensler

John Bandoni
D. Ben Benoit

President, PCW Management Center

Cameron Brandt

Director of Research, EPFR; NEFF Board

Kyle Burdick

Woodlands Manager, Baskahegan Company

Kevin Brooks


Joshua Cabrera
Isabel Calleja
Buzz Constable

Esquire Attorney

Robert Cowden
Caroline Canihan
Russell Chapman
Iouyu Chen

Associate Principal, Grimshaw

Tom Chung

Principal, Leers Weinzapfel Architects

Andrea Colnes

New England Forestry Foundation

Averill H. Cook

Owner, Wendling Farm; MFA

Thiciane Costa
Dicken Crane

Owner, Holiday Brook Farm/Dicken Crane Logging; MFA President

Philip Y. DeNormandie

DeNormandie Cos.

Daniel Donahue
Brian Donahue

Associate Professor, Brandeis University

Chris Donnelly

Urban Forester

Courtney Dragiff

Hanover Conservancy

Alex Eastland

Wentworth Institute of Technology

John Edwards

Forester and Environmental Consultant

Robert Fahey

Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut

Peter Farrell

Forester, NEFCo

Carla Fenner
Michael Ferrucci

Senior Consultant, R.S. Berg & Associates

Frederick E. Findlay

NEFF Board

Stas Zakrzewski

Principal, ZH Architects

Thomas Worthley

Associate Extension Professor, University of Connecticut

Jamie Wolf

President, Wolfworks, Inc.

Jessica Wikle
Alexa Weinman

Civil Engineering Student, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Jeffrey Ward

Chief Scientist, The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Thomas Wansleben
Todd Waldron

Northeast Forest Conservation Director, Ruffed Grouse Society/American Woodcock Society

John van der Stricht

The Rohatyn Group; (NEFF Board)

Sophie Traficonte

Conservation Project Manager, New England Forestry Foundation

David Stein
Jeff Spiritos

Manager, Spiritos Properties

Aaron Speagle

Student, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Sherman R. Small

Forester, NEFCo

Kirk Siegel

Executive Director, Mahoosuc Land Trust

Jeremy R. Shiman

Architect, WRNS Studio

Rod Setkewich
Nick Seidler
Amy Seek

Design Director, Stantec

Gregory M. Seamans

Forester, NEFCo

Jack Schylling
Robert Schmitz


John Scanlon

Retired CF, CWB

Augustine Savage

Grimshaw Architects

Daniel Salatiello

Student, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Scott C. Sacco

Environs Strategies, LLC

Andy Rowe
Keith Ross
Todd Rodman

Partner Seder & Chandler, LLP; (NEFF Board)

Leonard H. Roberts

President/CEO, Roberts Brothers Lumber Co., Inc.

John Robbins

Consulting Forester

Christopher Riely

Owner, Conservationist, and Forester; Sweet Birch Consulting, LLC

Robert Reynolds
Anne Perschel
Richard Perkins
Hunterr D. Payeur

Forester, NEFCo

Nancy Patch
Kelsea Palm


Todd Ontl

Climate Adaptation Specialist, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science

Miles Neidorf

Forest Technician, NEFCo

Thomas Muir
David Moskovitz

NEFF Board

Roger Milliken

Board Chair, Baskahegan Company

Spencer R. Meyer
Wilhelm Merck

Essex Timber Co LLC

Janet McMahon

Ecologist, Private Consultant

Dennis D. McKenney

Consulting Forester, NEFCo

Scott McCue
Courtney McCracken
Christine McCorkindale

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

John McClain

Manager/Forester, NEFCo

Bruce G. Mason

Co-Owner, Moss Hill Tree Farm/Moss Hill Family Trust

Ray Lyons

Conservation Attorney

Frank Lowenstein
Monty Lovejoy

NEFF Board

Amanda Locke


Charles A. Levesque

President, Innovative Natural Resource Solutions, LLC

Michael Lehner

(NEFF Board)

Raymond A. Lamberto

Forester, NEFCo

Dr. Charles Lambert
Shaun Lagueux

President/CEO, NEFCo

Bill Labich

Senior Conservationist, Highstead Foundation

Sophia Kramer

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Lloyd Irland

President, The Irland Group

William B. Hull
Christopher Hoffmann

Professor, Southern Maine Community College

Bayard Henry
Tim Hawley
Ryan Gumbart

Forester, NEFCo

Sara Grant
Gary H. Gouldrup

Consulting Forester, NEFCo

Fred Glanzberg

Forester, NEFCo

New England Forestry Foundation
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Build It With Wood

A sibling initiative to NEFF’s Forest-to-Cities Climate Challenge, Build It With Wood and its standalone website provide in-depth resources for experts like construction firms and forestland owners. Members of the general public are also encouraged to explore the website, and to help us build a climate-secure future with wood.