Build It With Wood

Comment sections: an opportunity for education

Jan. 19, 2016
New England Forestry Foundation

Comment sections are a hub for discussions and debate as articles, blog posts, and news reports about building with wood become increasingly common. But as the comment sections grow, so can the misconceptions and misinformation.

(Photo credit: sHop Architects)

Back in December, The Guardian’s Melanie Sevcenko wrote “Urban jungle: wooden high-rises change city skylines as builders ditch concrete.” The article generated buzz with nearly 1,800 shares and 191 comments. In a companion article, Lloyd Alter at TreeHugger combs through the comment board, highlights which comments are most common, and responds to them. In “The Guardian covers tall wood construction; we cover the comment section,” Alter covers deforestation, carbon dioxide, glue, fire, health, historical use, maintenance, and jobs. Read the entire compilation of comments and responses by Alter here.