Build It With Wood

COP21 discusses buildings and construction

Dec. 01, 2015
Buildings Day

At this year’s COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris, world leaders will discuss the role that buildings and construction plays in global climate change. December 3 marks the first “Building Day” for the annual conference.

The day will be filled with discussions, talks, videos, and other events. Building Day promises that it “…provides an opportunity to launch an unprecedented alliance of organizations collectively committed to:

Helping to put the buildings and construction sector on the “below 2 °C path.
Aligning existing initiatives, commitments and programmes to achieve greater scale and increase the pace of efficiency actions.
Catalysing stronger collaboration and targeting sectoral and cross sectoral climate action and solutions for all.”

The Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction explains that buildings are a primary focus for the climate change conference because more than 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions are building-related, a number which could double by 2050 unless changes are made.

Learn more about Building Day at COP21, see case studies, and get updates on the United Nations Environment Programme Building Day website.