Featured Forest of the Month: Phelon Memorial Forest

Aug. 16, 2016
New England Forestry Foundation

Looking for the perfect picnic? Phelon Memorial Forest in Granville, Massachusetts might be the place for you. A short uphill walk from the parking area brings you to a secluded ridge line, with expansive views of surrounding mountains and forested hills. You can choose between a picnic table, a massive boulder, or a large sheet of rock to lay out your spread.

Phelon View

Phelon Memorial Forest is the result of two separate donations made by Mr. Douglas M. Rice and Mr. Russell E. Phelon between 1973 and 1984. The donors wanted to have the forest remain productive while also maintaining a blueberry crop on a portion of the property.

To keep the vision of the donors alive, there are fields upon fields of delicious, ripe, blueberries on the ridge line. As tempting as these small fruits are, NEFF leases the barren to a commercial blueberry producer, and the berries are not for picking. If you time your visit during peak blueberry season and the temptation is too great to handle, grab a carton of fresh berries in town before heading to the ridge (or head onto a side path and pick a handful before reaching the blueberry barren).

While the ridge line is a primary attraction on Phelon Memorial Forest, other paths weave throughout the nearly 1,000-acre property, many of which would be excellent for mountain biking.

Phelon Trail System

Parts of the trail are made up of large slabs of rock that make for a unique riding experience. Deeper into the property, there are flowing gravel trails that weave up and down mountainous terrain.

Phelon Trail

Whether you are looking for a picnic, a hike, or a place to mountain bike, a visit to Phelon Memorial Forest is well worth your time. Check out our forest map for Google Map directions, also available on mobile devices.

Phelon Map