Build It With Wood

Modern Tall Wood Buildings: Opportunities for Innovation

Feb. 23, 2016
New England Forestry Foundation

Dr. Jim Bowyer at Dovetail Partners, Inc. has published a report focusing on tall wood buildings. “Modern Tall Wood Buildings: Opportunities for Innovation” covers the history of CLT, examples of tall wood buildings globally, wood building initiatives across the globe, tall wood building potential, costs, and cautions.

The report states, “Tall wood buildings offer an opportunity to connect rural resources with urban communities in a manner that has the potential to support forest restoration, drive green building, and address carbon emission reduction objectives. However, the use of engineered wood products and new building technologies requires thoughtful consideration of questions about durability, performance, and long-term impact. The continued evaluation, testing, and reporting on tall-wood building research is a key component to ensure the safe and responsible realization of this innovation and its full suite of potential benefits.”

Read the full report from Dovetail Partners, Inc.