Build It With Wood

National Forest Products Week 2015

Oct. 19, 2015
New England Forestry Foundation

This week marks National Forest Products Week 2015. Every year on the third week of October, America celebrates both our nation’s forests and the products that are produced. The annual celebration, now in its 55th year, highlights the natural services, products, and environmental benefits that forests provide.

(W.C. Benson, General Manager of the Amyx Manufacturing Company, shows the five stages from an ash blank to a finished bat, 1945. Photo credit: The U.S. Forest Service, Eastern Region Historical Photograph Collection)

In the proclamation put out by President Obama, it was stated, “…we recognize the ways in which our Nation’s forests contribute to our livelihood and recommit to ensuring their health and stability for centuries to come.”

(Ranger Robert L. Phillips looks over wooden bowls in a storage shed, Granville, Vermont, 1961. Photo credit: The U.S. Forest Service, Eastern Region Photograph Collection)

Read the entire Presidential Proclamation from the White House about National Forest Products Week and about the importance of our nation’s forests.