The Groton Herald

Storm Damage Forces Temporary Closure Of Groton Place & Sabine Woods

Oct. 06, 2023

Groton Place (aka Groton Dog Park) and its next-door Sabine Woods, two privately owned forestlands that are open to the public for recreation, are closed for at least two weeks after damage from heavy rainfall earlier this month. The New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF), which owns and manages the woodlands, is working to restore both the Nashua River bridge and a section of the dam that were washed out by the storm — infrastructure critical to safe trail access.

“With Groton Place’s main entrance now unsafe, both properties and their interconnected trails will remain closed until repairs can be made,” said Corey Wrinn, NEFF’s Stewardship Associate. “New England Forestry Foundation is working as quickly as possible to restore the bridge so the public can once again enjoy these beautiful woods.”

Repairs are set to begin in early October and are expected to last until mid-October. During that time, the parking lot will be closed to act as the staging area for materials and machinery. Follow NEFF on Facebook for the latest updates.

Groton Place and the adjacent Sabine Woods are some of NEFF’s most popular properties for recreation, with over a thousand visitors every month. In addition to their role as well-loved recreation destinations, NEFF manages Groton Place and Sabine Woods for carbon storage, sustainable and climate-smart timber, and wildlife habitat using the principles of NEFF’s own forestry management.

While walking dogs on leashes is allowed, dog owners are as always reminded to follow all posted rules to keep the woods healthy, safe, and welcoming to all visitors and to the wild animals that call these forestlands home. NEFF specifically manages its more than 150 Community Forests for wildlife, and keeping dogs on their leashes helps keep wild animals safe and shows them respect.