Climate-Smart Commodities

Register for May 22 Climate-Smart Commodities Webinar: Update & Input Session

May. 14, 2024
New England Forestry Foundation Lauren Owens Lambert

Learn how much progress NEFF’s Climate-Smart Commodities project has made since launch at the “Climate-Smart Commodities Webinar: Update & Input Session,” held May 22 at 1 p.m.

The webinar will offer a progress report on NEFF’s $30 million Climate-Smart Commodities project. All are welcome to attend to learn about this game-changing and exciting project’s current happenings, get reacquainted with NEFF’s climate and forestry teams, and meet a few new faces.

The event’s primary focus is the progress NEFF has made on major project areas, and where these areas go from here:

  • Incentives for commercial landowners
  • Incentives for owners of smaller-acreage forestlands
  • Defining climate-smart forestry practices for participating landowners
  • Mass timber and wood sourcing

Webinar attendees will be invited to join in a facilitated audience Q&A session, asked for feedback on key questions, and will learn what’s next for the Climate-Smart Commodities project. Register now for the webinar.