Same Mission, New Look

Jun. 02, 2016
New England Forestry Foundation

At NEFF, we see our new logo as an opportunity for a meaningful conversation about the history, growth, vitality, and importance of New England’s forests. Over time, we hope this logo will come to be associated with the values that NEFF stands for. The logo cannot tell our entire story, but it can serve as a meaningful place to start.

The tree rings speak to years of commitment. As an organization that has been working to conserve New England’s forests for over seven decades, we wanted a logo that would celebrate our history and achievements, as well as our mission. The tree cross-section gives us the opportunity to inspire important conversations about forestry and the many benefits of our working forests.

The logo would not be complete without the young tree sprout. The sprout represents the vitality, productivity, and resiliency of New England’s forests, as well as our own commitment to innovation and new approaches to achieve our mission. Take a look at our new logo. We hope it is memorable. And then keep your eye on where NEFF is going and what we are doing. Together with your help, we intend to conserve New England’s forests for all generations.