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NEFF’s Alec Giffen Receives Integrity in Conservation Award

Jun. 17, 2022
New England Forestry Foundation

This spring at the New England Society of American Foresters (NESAF) annual meeting in Portland, NEFF Senior Forest Science and Policy Fellow Alec Giffen was recognized during the Awards Banquet and presented with the Integrity in Conservation Award. The award recognizes, “an individual or organization working with natural resources who demonstrates adherence to principles and high standards in the face of adversity.”

“Alec richly deserves this recognition for his full body of work, including his tenure as Director of Maine’s Forest Service,” said NEFF Executive Director Bob Perschel. “However, we think his ten years of NEFF accomplishments alone are enough to have won him the award. He’s just that talented and committed.”

Cheers to Alec!