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Start Your Holiday Shopping!

Nov. 08, 2023

This holiday season, gift your friends and loved ones a one-year subscription to NEFF's print newsletter and Northern Woodlands magazine. Writing by NEFF Development Communication Specialist David Ayers

Start your holiday shopping by gifting friends and family a one-year subscription ($50) to the New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF) print newsletter, Into the Woods, and to Northern Woodlands magazine. That’s two great publications for one great price, and their quarterly issues mail as a single bundle so you can enjoy the publications’ complementary articles side-by-side.

A portion of sales from each gift subscription goes to supporting conservation activities throughout New England. Recipients will appreciate your generous gift and the impact your financial support has on the landscape we all love. With help from donors like you, NEFF can not only support forest conservation and stewardship, but also reach out to more people, professions and communities about how NEFF’s Exemplary Forestry standards can help create thriving and productive forests.

As the fourth-largest U.S. land trust, NEFF takes our environmental responsibilities seriously, and Into the Woods is a reflection of the good work we do every day. It provides behind-the-scenes looks at NEFF’s work, and the great lengths we go to in pursuit of our vision. You can help us reach this vision by “giving green” this holiday season—it’s a gift that is sure to please!

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