Conserving Forests For Future Generations


NEFF’s community forests are open to the public to explore and enjoy.


Explore Our Forests

Whether you want to hike on a crisp and beautiful fall morning, snowshoe across a pristine stretch of snow, canoe on a serene lake, or camp under the summer stars, forests offer almost endless variety and possibilities.

New England Forestry Foundation owns and sustainably manages more than 38,000 acres of woodlands throughout New England, and we keep almost all of it open for individuals and families to enjoy. Using our interactive mapping tool, you can locate a forest and get directions, learn about its history and the recreational opportunities it offers, and even view its management plan. Enjoy the forest in your own community, or get directions to explore a forest that’s new to you.

Please review our recreation guidelines before you set out. They are designed to ensure your safety and to protect our forests’ ongoing health.


Want to explore a NEFF forest? Use our interactive map to plan your trip.


Check out the sports and activities permitted on each NEFF property.


Learn more about the history of NEFF’s unique and beautiful forests.

Each Forest is Unique.

A forest is more than just trees. NEFF’s very first property, Lincoln Davis Forest in Southern New Hampshire, has a mix of hardwoods and conifers, a blueberry patch, and a wetland area. Our Braintree Mountain Forest features a steep, 1,000-foot slope with glades cut for back country skiing. Find a NEFF forest and then learn what makes it special.