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NEFF’s 2018-2019 Financial Profile

Dec. 13, 2019

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, regional and national foundations, and government agency partners, New England Forestry Foundation closed Fiscal Year 2019 with an increase in both total assets (including our conserved land) and financial assets that provide long-term financial stability to the organization.

NEFF’s net assets at the end of the year totaled $37.6 million, including $28.2 million of land and buildings. The total net assets number represents an increase of $240,000 over the previous year. NEFF used financial support to achieve its conservation mission, acquiring seven new forested properties, and thus most of the gain now shows in increases in land value. Expenses increased by 3 percent from prior year, due primarily to added staff to enhance our land protection efforts and stewardship of NEFF’s lands. The moderate increase in expenses reflects leadership efforts to manage expenses and maintain efficiency, for example through using a leased hybrid vehicle in place of rental cars for staff travel. 

Click here to download the consolidated financial results as a PDF or read them below.


Photo of Downeast Maine woodlands by Lauren Owens Lambert.