New England Forestry Foundation

30 Percent Solution Methodology: Exemplary Forestry

NEFF’s 30 Percent Climate Solution rests on in-depth analyses of the climate mitigation opportunities potentially available from four different forest and wood products sectors in New England. These analyses are based in the best available data and published research. A full report documenting the methods, assumptions, and sources used in these analyses is currently underway. On this page, we have made available a working draft report that explains how we calculated the opportunity available for increasing the amount of carbon stored in the forest by applying Exemplary Forestry across New England’s working forests. This additional in-forest carbon storage makes up the majority of the 30 Percent Solution.

The full draft report, including the analyses behind all four parts of the climate wedge, is expected to be completed in November and sent out for review by experts in the relevant fields. We see these documents, and the exact estimates of the potential climate impacts of each strategy, as working documents, and we expect that they will change as the report goes through the review process. However, we are confident that the opportunity from implementing these four climate strategies is large, and that the time to take action to realize this opportunity is now.