New England Forestry Foundation

Chapter 11: Reduce Use of Foreign Oil

Which of us has not been dazzled by the fierce orange of sugar maples in the fall, enjoyed a paddle along a forested lakeshore, skied down a forested slope, or picnicked in the shade of a stately tree in a town or state park? Forests are part of New Englanders’ daily lives.

Nearly all of us rely on forests for the quality and abundance of our region’s outstanding drinking water. Forests cool and clean our air, support 30,000 jobs in the forest products industry, and provide heat to 14% of New England homes.

Trees are central to the quality of life and the economic competitiveness of the region. This report reveals forests’ existing contributions and future potential to support New Englanders’ lives and lifestyle. It puts forward the first steps we collectively need to take to seize that potential to ensure a sustainable future.

To learn more about the data supporting each forest benefit, we encourage you to explore the Technical Reports that correspond with each chapter. If you have further questions about the information and data presented, please contact Alec Giffen.

The Report

  1. Keep New England Forested
  2. Give Wildlife Homes
  3. Provide More Recreation
  4. Protect Us From Climate Change
  5. Clean and Cool the Air
  6. Purify our Water
  7. Grow More Wood
  8. Create Local Jobs
  9. Cultivate New Businesses
  10. Provide More Wood for Buildings
  11. Reduce Use of Foreign Oil
  12. Grow As Much As We Use